COSKU BAS schrieb:

You tell us.

I am sorry to the SDL list that I am going to put some stress
on Cosku in public but I have had some e-mail exchange about
zziplib problems where I did ask him to update his way to describe
a problem in a way that a developer can get an idea of what’s
going wrong. It does not look that he has learned a lot however.

And so we go again, Cosku, please write

  • the operating environment (some windows version, right?)
  • what variant SDL packages (msvc? mingw?), packaged or
    compiled yourself?
  • which version of zziplib
  • an example how you ask the mixer to load the file
  • an explanation of your findings what did gone wrong,
    like checking return codes from calls (!!).
    A thing like did not work can be a lot under the hood,
    like not finding the file, or errors during decompression.
    It is about you to narrow down the problem area, we like
    to cooperate simply to find bugs in our software but please
    do some work on your side as well. Or go and pay someone
    to do the work for you, someone to do the investment of time
    and energy to track down the problem.

first of all guido people don’t care about waht you’re thinking about my
problem description
so do what you want ‘in private’.
i apoligise because of doing it in public but guido is the guilty.

-i said msys and you probably see, w32 means “WINDOWS” so i
wrote the os
-i don’t think it’s necessary that i have to tell about my sdl compilation
type.version number should be enough and i wrote it
-zziplib version number is 0.10.27 (THE ONLY PRECOMPILED ZZIPLIB VERSION)
-an example ? did you really read my question?I said that i had succeed with
image files.It means that the code ISN’T wrong.
if you’re really curious about it so go read the SDL_Rwops tutorial.
-if i knew something about the problem,i wouldn’t had ask what was the

i don’t know if you noticed that the problem isn’t ZZI.PLI.B,it’s SDL_Mixer
and i don’t understand why you’re acting so sensible about your software…
ZZIPLIB is a great library.people may have problems.It doesn’t mean that
your software is bad.
Thnx for the idea of gpaying someone to do my work.
You should understand also that people aren’t programmers from their
born.You weren’t either.

here is what you want GUIDO

-I’m using windows XP,mingw32 v2,and msys 1.0.8
-I compiled SDL and SDL_mixer myself without any problem(Version number:
-I’m using zziplib 0.10.27 whic is the only precompiled binary
-here is how i ask the mixer to load the file

SDL_RWops *veri;
Mix_Chunk *ses;

if((veri = SDL_RWFromZZIP(“demoDATA/music.wav”, “r”)) == NULL){
printf(“ERROR: %\n”,SDL_GetError());

if(!(ses = Mix_LoadWAV_RW(veri, 0))){
   printf("ses_yukle: %s\n", Mix_GetError());

-i get SDL_Parachut Deployed error in stdout

now it’s your turn.tell me the problem…
and i don’t want to bi rude but a person who konw reading a text,could see
all of it on my msg

certainly not, your last message was rather short - seven lines
to be exact and not even containing win32. Perhaps you didn’t
notice but we are very busy and present on a lot of mailinglists
and helping a lot of people on a lot of problems, be aware that
we do not quite remember what you have been writing about weeks
and weeks ago. If you would have read ESR’s article about making
"smart questions" then you would have already known that - I do
not quite remember how often I’ve given the link, here it is

Let’s get back on topic, it’s interesting how people can finally
make a good report when they are poked hard enough :-)=) so there
are a few points to note
(a) it would have been nice of you to cooperate with me to let
you compile zziplib from source in its newest version. I am
very interest in that, ye know, and it would make debugging
easier should there be any problem in that area.
(b) so your problem is a ‘parachute’ which is a catch-all on
some other problem. Here we need to check out first where
there was a problem - please instrument your example code
and issue printf’s on the good paths. Also note that you
can disable the parachute and execute a debugger (gdb) on
your program to get a backtrace (‘bt’) so we know in
which function your program breaks.
© if there isn’t enough debugging info in the binaries then
one can recompile the libraries with stabs information
along which makes the output often a bit better. Still it
would be good to know a bit about your programming skills
as it might be needed to guide you through the process or
whether it is enough to say ‘give us a backtrace’.

cheers, guido