SDL_Net and Cygwin

Hi, I would like to build SDL_net using cygwin, but it fails.
Any idea about how to fix it?

This is the error:

test -f .libs/SDL_net.dll-ltdll.o || (cd .libs && gcc -c SDL_net.dll-ltdll.c)
gcc -Wl,–base-file,.libs/SDL_net.dll-base -Wl,–dll -nostartfiles -Wl,-e,_DllM
ain at 12 -o .libs/SDL_net.dll .libs/SDL_net.dll-ltdll.o SDLnet.o SDLnetTCP.o SDLn
etUDP.o SDLnetselect.o -lwsock32 -L/usr/lib -L/usr/lib/mingw -lmingw32 -lSDLma
in -lSDL
SDLnetTCP.o: In function SDLNet_TCP_Send': /home/SDL_net-1.2.2/SDLnetTCP.c:879: undefined reference to_errno’
/home/SDL_net-1.2.2/SDLnetTCP.c:887: undefined reference to _errno' SDLnetTCP.o: In functionSDLNet_TCP_Recv’:
/home/SDL_net-1.2.2/SDLnetTCP.c:908: undefined reference to _errno' /home/SDL_net-1.2.2/SDLnetTCP.c:911: undefined reference to_errno’
SDLnetUDP.o: In function SocketReady': /home/SDL_net-1.2.2/SDLnetUDP.c:637: undefined reference toerrno’
SDLnetUDP.o:/home/SDL_net-1.2.2/SDLnetUDP.c:649: more undefined references to `

errno’ follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [] Error 1