SDL_net and POSIX sockets

About 6 months ago I started writing a client-server
networking layer for C programs with a suite of
utilities to help make the networking layer of a game

I recently got a new computer that can actually do
graphics (I was writing games that used ncurses with
my networking library until now) and I have been
working on a puzzle game in SDL and OpenGL that is
going to be network capable as soon as I plug in my

However, before I do this, I am going to create a C++
interface to my library (because my current project is
in C++.) Since I am already going to be doing more
work on my networking library, I figured I might as
well make it Windows compatible.

Can anyone here please offer me information regarding
the differences between POSIX socket I/O and SDL_net?
My library currently only supports TCP/IP, however
maybe I’ll support connectionless UDP play in the
future, so if you have any advice about that, I’d be
happy to hear it!

Thanks in advance,
Donny Viszneki.__________________________________
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