SDL_Net on Android?

Hi there, I’m running Ubuntu machine and I have issues with implementing SDL_Net in Android Studio.
I would appreciate any help regarding this matter, it’s been bugging me for days now and any search results seem outdated to me, seriously I cannot make it work. Please help!

you need to put the sdl2_net folder in jni folder
in add it to the LOCAL_C_INCLUDES
in manifest add permission for internet
and i think that thats it

I added SDL_Net folder to jni folder of the android project.
I added permission for internet in the AndroidManifest.xml
However I couldn’t find an file besides the one in the SDL folder, and the line you suggested is already there, I think: LOCAL_C_INCLUDES := $(LOCAL_PATH)

I still get errors when I try to include the SDL_Net library.
My project is a Gradle project, if it is of any concern.
Help is much appreciated.

take a look in this android project:

put sdl in jni folder
put sdl net in jni folder
put your code in jni/src folder

modify inside the src folder to include sdl net


I am using Allegro next to SDL_Net, I already have a project structure setup for Allegro, how would I go by adding SDL_Net next to it?