SDL on Atari

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So does SDL work on Atari ST’s? Or is it just Falcons?

For ST, just for the fun of it. It is very slow to run, due to some
conversions routine. But SDL for Atari runs on all Atari machines,
clones and emulators (this is my goal, and nearly achieved).

And what would I compile code with, is there a GCC cross-compiler like
the xmingw thing?

Yes, just get binutils and gcc, the needed patches, and roll. I even
wrote a howto, to build it for Linux:
The howto:
For the patches:

I am currently building SDL and programs that use it with binutils-2.9.1
and gcc-3.0.4 using cross-compilation tools on my Linux box.

Programs I successfully built:
Nuq (on quakeforge CVS)
Doom (on my site)
Wolfenstein 3D (on Icculus CVS).–
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