SDL on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) fails to update display

I am using SDL-1.2.9 on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger with all updates.
I’m having an issue where SDL_SWSURFACE
and all other options I’ve tried except for
blit a surface on to the screen correctly.

If I am using SDL_SWSURFACE, then it will only blit to the screen
when I minimize the window or change to
another overlapping window and back again.
Otherwise, nothing new is drawn to the display
(even though blitting operations are taking place).

If I am using the other 3 options I mentioned earlier,
it works correctly. According to the SDL’s MacOSX
FAQ, those 3 options were implemented on MacOSX
in SDL-1.2.6. They do fancy stuff; for instance
SDL_Flip will start a new thread to perform the
double buffer operations asynchronously.
I’d rather use a simple SW_SURFACE.

Does anyone know what might cause this?

Nevermind, it was a dumb mistake.