SDL-on-OpenGL: Kobo Deluxe 0.4-pre3

Sorry for spamming the list with another Kobo Deluxe release note - but
this one’s probably pretty interesting to many SDL users…

Kobo Deluxe [0.4-pre3] now renders correctly in "OpenGL Full Integer"
mode (ie “real” OpenGL) - fonts included! :slight_smile:

(Note: You must configure with --enable-opengl to try this, as it’s still
considered experimental stuff.)

Wide SDL surfaces are now tiled to fit into the square power-of-2 sized
textures, and “merged” as required when rendered. (For example,
SFont/SoFont works, despite it’s blitting from a single, wide font
surface - glSDL handles the fact that some characters have to be rendered
as two quads.)

Now, don’t get too carried away - support for tall surfaces is still
missing some cut’n’paste work (minor effort - I just had to get to work
in time today! ;-), and more seriously, tiling into multiple textures
isn’t supported yet.

The latter roughly means that you can’t use surfaces with an area bigger
than that of the biggest texture you 3D card can handle. (Wide or [soon]
tall is ok, as they’ll be “chopped up” - what counts is whether or not
the surface can be cut up to fit in a texture.)

Have fun - and do try the -fps option, and compare frame rates! Far from
optimized code, but I’m getting pretty nice results already… :slight_smile:

//David Olofson — Programmer, Reologica Instruments AB

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To address the issues that have been reported lately, I’ve added some
new documentation and updated the projects. I ask that those involved
take a look and see if I’ve made any mistakes in the projects or
documentation before this is burned into CVS.

Changes in this version:

  • Now require Universal Headers 3.4

  • Removed “ConditionalMacros.h” file that caused blow up with UH 3.4.

  • Updated StdCLib support to build completely independent of MSL. It was
    using string.h and some others
    from MSL which probably isn’t a good idea.

  • Added documentation for setting up application targets.

  • Tested on CW 5.3 and 6.1 without incident (except no x86 test on 6.1)

  • Added a hack to avoid adding MSL Carbon libs to Carbon shared library.


  • Project stationary (this would be really nice to have)

  • Testing on CW 7, CW 6/x86