Sdl on psp once again

I know this has been asked before but it seems to have been a while.
Currently i have got cygwin all setup and psp toolchain, as well as that i
have actually written and compiled some programs that (should work) for the
psp and have got a tiff exploit loader that works with firmware up until
2.8. Now alll that i am interested in is actually getting SDL to work on it.
My knowledge of how libraries work is very limited, but what i know is that
under windows at least you have a lib file that has code thats compiled into
your program and then you need a dll when the program is run e.g. SDL.lib
and SDL.dll, however since i am using cygwin how does this system work under
linux, and anyone got any suggestions on what i would need to do to get it
to work on a psp…i know there must be a way since i have seen a mention
of it working around the net but no definitive answers. Cheers.

-James Grafton–
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