SDL on Zaurus / Programming problem


I have a problem with the SDL on the Sharp Zaurus. No panic, its no bug ;-),
its more a missing feature. Or I just don’t know how to program it. I port a
emulator from x86 to the Zaurus. This eumlator uses SDL. On x86, the
emulator call fork and start a second program as a gui for the emulator parameters.
I will do it the same way on the Zaurus.

At the moment, I have, with some bugs and missing features :wink:

  • the emulator which is running on the Zaurus with the Zaurus SDL library.
  • a Qtopia program as a graphical users interface which is running on the

O.K. the programs starts on the Zaurus. The emulator starts the graphical
user interface and the both programs can send/receive data over a socket
connection to each other.

The problem is, that the emulator is running in full screen on the Zaurus
and I can’t go back to Qtopia. That means I can not go to the grapical user
interface, without quit the emulator.

The following would be ideal. When the emulator (SDL program) is in front of
screen, and I press the menu key on the Zaurus, the graphical user interface
(Qtopia) program comes in front of the screen. When I press a button (e.g.
“Goto Emulator”) from the Qtopia programm the emulator comes back to the front
of screen.

But how can I “say” the SDL program that it should go in front of screen or
that it should be invisible and the Qtopia program should be in front of
screen? Is there a command in the (Zaurus) SSL library for this? Have someon a
idea how I can do this? It would be nice someone can help.

Best regards

Bernd Lachner–

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