SDL_Pango: #1746093: Telugu does not render correctly

Can someone please help with SDL_Pango #1746093? I’m working with Tuxpaint and the Telugu Debian translators to try to get Telugu rendering correctly.

We first saw problems in rendering using SDL_ttf, which is what Tuxpaint uses today but we will be changing to SDL_Pango.

While words like “Print” look OK to me, others, like “New”, which have characters that modify the preceding character do not. (Unfortunately, the space reserved for descents makes the text overlap with the button image, another issue we will have to address, and that makes it hard to see what’s going on in this image, so you may just skip this and look at the testbench image below, which shows similar problems.)

We had hoped SDL_Pango would fix the problem, but the testbench program shows that SDL_Pango 0.1.2 (Debian/sid) doesn’t work either:

If someone would please run my markup.txt using testbench from current CVS and compare with the above snapshot, I’d really appreciate it.

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