SDL_perl-1.13 Released

For those who like the SDL and who also like perl, I’ve released
the latest developer’s release of SDL_perl 1.13 (the 14th
public release !) Ok even those of you who hate perl can use it too :slight_smile:

This release adds support for Joysticks, SDL_NewTimerCallback,
and Init/Quit SubSystems. I have also added automatic detection and
configuration for existing SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and OpenGL support.
As such SDL_perl no longer requires these, but most applications
which use it probably will anyways.

Most importantly, however, the API’s namespace has been totally gutted,
and now more closely mirrors the C API’s naming conventions (with
a few extensions to support perl and perlisms).

The new release is available on the web from

I’d also like to publicly congratulate Guillaume Cottenceau
on his incredible game, Frozen Bubble.
If you haven’t seen it already check it out at:

Note you’ll need the SDL_perl-1.12 release, as the 1.12 API
compatability layer won’t be ready for another week or so.
When it is, I hope to have 1.13 stablized, and release 1.14.
I hope to get support for SDL_net and SDL_ttf done for the
1.15 release next month.

As always, please send me bug reports and patches, lots of patches…


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