SDL Perl

Hi ,

I would like to annonce a new version of SDL-sdlpl (v1.07), the perl bindings
for SDL.
Originally by David Goerig, with lots of new stuff added by myself (Wayne

Here’s a snippet from the README:

What’s New:

  • Open GL support

  • OpenGL Glut like Application framework

  • more video flags (SDL_OPENGL, SDL_ASYNCBLIT)

  • creating Surface from pre-allocated memory (new SDL::surface with -from)

  • BMP screen dump

  • added state dumpers (e.g dump surface fields) as an debugging aid

  • new examples :
    o Perl Demo Scroller(s) ( isn’t ‘scaffolding’ :wink:
    o OpenGL & Tutorial
    o SDL::OpenGL::App (glut-like) example
    o Gtk / SDL::OpenGL::App interaction
    o Image Magick Example(s)

You can find out about the “good stuff” tm at:

Perhaps there can now be an entry on the main page of for Perl?

All the best