SDL problems

I don’t remember anyone on this list asking if there is a way to get SDL
to work on an Alpha system.

I’m trying 0.9.8, but I will try the CVS one sometime too.

I’ve tried upgrading egcs to 1.0.3, and all the other nice RH5.2 stuff.

an strace gets a bunch of ‘resource unavailable’ messages. I can send an
example strace listing to those interested.

I am using an Alpha 21164a, 128MB RAM, Matrox Millenium I 8MB, RedHat
Linux 5.1/5.2, XFree86 3.3.2, egcs 1.0.3a

I’m just trying to get a different version of descent to work under alpha
linux. I can get the ldescent to work pretty well on an alpha, but I’m
told the D1X project does the same and a little better, but it needs SDL.

I appreciate any help or suggestions that you can give.