[SDL project] Announcing Terrain Alteration

“Speedbump/Leviathan productions” is mostly pleased to announce the
first (semi-)public release of “Terrain Alteration,” an SDL-based
artillery-style game in the tradition of Scorched Earth. Features

Arbitrary images for both foreground and background
Up to ten human players
Four tank types
Fully graphical interface
Weapons purchases and sales
Adjustable terrain parameters

Geekier features include:
Modular weapons interface
Widget library
Works at any size 640x480 or greater
Works at 16 bpp or greater

Future feature will include:
Network play
Computer AI players

Terrain Alteration currently has fewer features than other

scorched-earth type games for Linux, so I’m not releasing it to the
general public yet. However, I’m tired of it sitting on my HDD
collecting dust, and I’m hoping releasing it keeps me a little more

Terrain Alteration is currently only for Linux, and has only been

tested under X. It still uses some Linux-specific functions for delays
and such. Let me know what you think, if you’ve got a few minutes…


(Caution: the server ain’t fast.)

Nathan Yawn