Sdl_ptv preview release

Ok, I have put together a preview release of sdl_ptv (Panorama Tools

Now, don’t get too excited there are a bunch of things that still aren’t
with it. The big ones are:

Automake scripts aren’t correct (If someone wants to fix this that would
be great… HINT)
No hotspot support
I haven’t even looked at a platform other than Linux-x86 yet.
A lot of spelling mistakes…

Here is a quick-n-dirty overview of how you use the library.

Create two variables:
ImersiveImage movie; // this is the panoramic object itself
Image view; // this is your view into the panoramic object

Then initialize them with these two calls:
void initPanorama(ImersiveImage *anII, char *name, // name is the path
to the bitmap
SDL_Surface *theDisplaySurface,
int viewTopOff, int viewLeftOff); // these offsets tell how far from
// top and left of the display frame you
// want the panorama to appear.
void initView(Image *view, double fov, int width, int height); // fov:
field of view in degrees

Then you run the panorama with: it will return whenever you press a
int runPanorama(ImersiveImage *anII, Image *aView);

That’s it for now.

There has been one major change since the preview binary I gave out last
You no longer drag the mouse to move the picture. Instead you just
click and hold
the mouse. It’s distance and relation to the center of the image
determines how fast
and in what direction you turn.

Ok, here is the link:
Frank J. Ramsay