SDL_QuartzGL.m FSAA windowed vs full screen


I’m using OS X 10.4.2, XCode 2.0, SDL 1.2.9

I have been having a real headache trying to figure out why I can
set a pixel format to handle windowed FSAA but when the full screen
flag is on the SDL_Error shows as a bad GL pixel format.

If I comment out the NSOpenGLPFANoRecovery attribute setting, I
get full screen FSAA with the slightly better framerates than
windowed mode (I imagine less overhead from the Apple desktop -
edit: around 3% worse framerates after running for awhile)). That
"no recovery" makes me think the rendering system is defaulting to
software… I have pretty good framerates though. This and the
fullscreen flag seem to be strongly related.

I’ve tried using Apple’s OpenGL Profiler to see what is going on
but it won’t launch the app and when I can attach to it, it will
cause a kernel fault eventually.

I’ve done a lot of google’ing with hits to libsdl, apple and a slew
of others and a lot of stepping through code. One of my test
programs cycles through combinations of color bits, buffers depths
and windowed vs full screen. What is surprising is that fullscreen
will fault out in every combination with uncommented NoRecovery.
The only difference is whether or not the fullscreen bit is on as
the windowed mode setting hits the Norecovery code line he same as
with fullscreen. I’ve also read up some SDL CVS diffs… Have you
noticed any other feedback that is similar ?

Any help is appreciated fully!

Todd A. Kennard