SDL Question

Does SDL currently directly access video memory when running under linux? I’ve
been experencing performance slowdowns when only drawing inside of a 640x480
16bit window on the screen. I do lots of Blitting as of right now but I only
alpha blend the cursor b/c having SDL draw the cursor causes odd flickering for
some reason.

I’m working on the cursor flicker. I’m also removing color cursor support,
so if you want a sprite cursor, you should keep your current cursor code
(and not use alpha-blending - it’s slow!)

SDL does currently access video memory, but you need to run as root and
specify the SDL_FULLSCREEN|SDL_HWSURFACE flags when setting the video mode.

Also make sure the X server is running at the same depth as your window.
You can let SDL use the X server depth by passing 0 depth to SDL_SetVideoMode()

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