SDL Renderer Clarifications

Hello, so after watching Game dev with SDL2 I have some questions.

  1. Can I write an entire game using SDL renderer without touching Opengl/Direct3D/Metal?

  2. I saw many people are concerned about draw batching, is this a big deal? I saw a recent post that it will be added soon this year, is this true?

ps: sorry if my english is not very good

I’ve been working on a game done in SDL2 for almost a year now. Doesn’t use OpenGL at all and works fine. So you should be fine.

  1. yes, as icemann said, no need to touch any OpenGL, D3D etc stuff if you’re happy with the 2D drawing functions.

  2. Batching will happen in the next version. It works behind the scenes. Can be turned on and off. Nothing to be concerned about if you’re not using OpenGL & D3D calls. Gain a massive speed advantage. Also comes with float versions of all 2D drawing functions, so things can move smoothly between pixels. I’m using it now pre-release.

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