SDL_RESIZABLE documentation

I spent a good couple hours chasing my tail debuging
my application because I wasn’t calling
SDL_SetVideoMode after I recieved an SDL_RESIZABLE

IMHO I believe here is a good change to the docs:

  1. Under the SDL_SetVideoMode documentation: boldface
    the part of the flag description of SDL_RESIZABLE:
    “… and SDL_SetVideoMode can be called again with the
    new size.” and change “can” to “should” (in keeping
    with current SDL_ResizeEvent documentation).

  2. Under the SDL_ResizeEvent documentation: boldface
    the phrase “When an SDL_VIDEORESIZE is recieved the
    window should be resized to the new dimensions using

These points are obvious for people sticking to using
SDL blitting functions, but not so obvious for people
using OpenGL to render the screen.__________________________________
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