SDL_RW-related memory issues?

I’m working on a simple tile-based mapmaking program, it mostly just uses vectors full of ints to keep track of its data.

I’ve just finished writing a file load function using SDL_RW (which seems to be pulling the correct data after checking it out with breakpoints) but an attempt to create a new instance of a class (and a bunch of vectors with it) is throwing exceptions. Strangely, other places where I create that instance are unaffected, it also works properly if I comment out the SDL_RW-related code. Does SDL_RW cause some memory issues I’m not aware of? Is there something about vectors I don’t know? I’m a noob here, help me out. : the code snippets in question.

Forget it, I rewrote the whole thing using fstream instead and that fixed it.

fstream works fine except for android asset files.