Ok, I’m receiving 8bit bitmaps and need to display them. To do that, I
must set my palete. This is what I’m doing:

for(int i=0; i<256; i++){
	colors[i].r = ippManager.getPalette()->red;
	colors[i].g = ippManager.getPalette()->green;
	colors[i].b = ippManager.getPalette()->blue;

where colors is SDL_Colors. Don’t mind ippManager and getPalette()…
Those are mine. However, as you can see I’m only setting the RGB values,
not the unused one. Also, the palette I’m getting contains the RGB
values and a flag (check PALETTEENTRY). Well, should I mind about that
flag when setting my palette on SDL? The flag is something like
PC_NOCOLLAPSE, something like that…