SDL_SetCursor & SDL_ShowCursor Problem & OSX Relative Mouse Hiding

NOTE: What follows is just a quick look at the code, I might be mistaken.

I was taking a quick look into why the OS X version doesn’t properly hide the cursor when going into relative mouse mode. I stopped looking when I got to these routines, which can call each other. I did NOT really do a complete survey of the code, it’s possible they will never take the paths, but with them able to call each other, there is a potential for a lock-up.

The original problem seems to stem from calling SDL_SetCursor(NULL) in the relative mouse mode function. This hides in win32, but does nothing in OS X. Why aren’t you just calling SDL_ShowCursor() there?

BTW: I’ll be re-looking at the windows binary crash problem by Monday.

[>] Brian