SDL_SetTextureAlphaMod when alpha is 0x00

I am currently loading a texture from raw pixeldata (by creating a surface and setting SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface). The pixeldata has the format RGBX, so it has an unused alpha channel that is always 0x00.

I try to load that into a texture and just set SDL_SetTextureAlphaMod, but it seems to have no effect (I never see the texture displayed). Now according to the Docs:

srcA = srcA * (alpha / 255)

With my values filled in I will get: srcA = 0x00 * (0xFF / 255) = 0x00.

Is there a way to get around that? I dont need alpha at all!

You could use SDL_ComposeCustomBlendMode() to set the alpha-blending operation to SDL_BLENDOPERATION_ADD so that when you render your texture its alpha value (i.e. zero) gets added to the existing alpha of the destination.

That seems like the way to go. But the page lacks an example and I am not an expert in this. Can you give me an example that would use the src Colors but the alpha value of 0xFF?

For clarification: Both, source and targettexture have alpha 0x00

So you are rendering not to the default render target but to a target texture set using SDL_SetRenderTarget()? How does that target texture come to have an alpha of zero? As far as I am aware if both the source and destination alphas are zero none of the custom blend modes can change it.