SDL_SetVideoMode weird crashes on a system

I’ve been having this weird crash on a certain system at school. (As I
am writing this, I just realized I’ve never tested my app on an other
system in the same classroom, so the exact replica of an other, but
still, it’s weird ).

On every system I’ve tried, except that one, I can change resolution by
calling SDL_SetVideoMode again with an other resolution. But on that
system, the second call to SDL_SetVideoMode will crash the game. The
function doesn’t return an error code, it just crashes the whole thing.

Is there an explanation for this? If not, I’ll test it out on an other
system and get a stack trace.

(We had to show our projects to future students, and we almost couldn’t
show ours because of this bug, but we just made sure to never ever
change resolution!)