SDL SetWindowPosition outside screen bounds in X11

I have a window created with SDL_WINDOW_BORDERLESS | SDL_WINDOW_SKIP_TASKBAR flags, which I want to be moved around automatically relative to another window, and I am using SDL_SetWindowPosition to update its final position. It works OK as long as the provided coordinates don’t bring the SDL window or part of it beyond the bounds of the screen - when they do, the position is clipped back such that no part of the window goes outside the screen. I want SDL_SetWindowPosition to allow the window to go beyond the bounds of the screen.

After some googling I discovered that the SDL_HINT_X11_FORCE_OVERRIDE_REDIRECT hint would remove that restriction, and sure enough it did. But then I get another problem - the window behaves as an “always-on-top” window and obscures all other windows even when they have the focus.

Is there no way to get the effect I want?