SDL_shape help

SDL_SetWindowShape is now returning 0 (success) but I’m not seeing a window at all when the program runs. It’s entirely invisible.

Things I’ve tried:
-PNG and BMP
-Alpha channel + 32-bit images
-2-bit images (black and white)
-SDL_SetColorKey on surface
-Different settings for SDL_WindowShapeMode and SDL_WindowShapeParams

SDL_SetWindowShape always returns 0 but the window is invisible. If I take out the word “Shaped” in SDL_CreateShapedWindow and ignore the SDL_SetWindowShape failure the window appears fine (but not shaped, of course).

Here’s my code:

Any ideas?

I’ve also pored over this example:

I’ve got a black and white image as my shape surface, with a black circle in the middle filled in.

I’ve tried saving it as PNG and BMP and I’ve primarily focused on using ColorKey as opposed to alpha channels. I set the color key to black and I also tried white.

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