SDL-SMPEG on ArmLinux on SA1110 (armv4l)

Dear Sirs and Madams:
I have tested plaympeg based SDL and Smpeg on SrongArm. I used static lib to cross compile. I got the result of porting mpeg2 video and audio. But here comes a problem: the audio stream was played continually. It seems that the synchronization of video and audio does not work well. But on i386 architechture,under microwindows, I could play Mpeg2 audio and video very well. Had you found the same problem? And could you give me some advice about how to solve this problem? I have tried all the combination of the SDL configure and Smpeg configure. Therefore it’s not the problem of configuration. I think it may be the problem of the arm linux kernel which support the mpeg decoding or the problem of crosscompile or the audio decoding method doesn’t match the architecture of StrongArm.
<1>Does the audio deviec on Armlinux on SA1110 is dev/dsp? What is the difference between dsp and nomal device on i386 arch? What if my lib support the dsp? Will it be better or not? actually, what is dsp?
<2>Maybe it’s the reason of arm-linux-gcc, I have added the -mstructure-size-boundary=8, is there any options to support the armv4l arch?
<3>I don’t think the logic of SDL+SMPEG is the matter. I think it’s the reason of arch difference and cross compilation.
I am sorry I am not very clear about audio device on StrongArm SA1110 and logical device under Armlinux.
Please give me some information about this problem,thank you.