SDL-SMPEG on ArmLinux on SA1110 (armv4l

Dear developers:
I am a embedded system developer. I am developing the ArmLinux multimedia application.
I am setting up a mpeg audio and video player on SA1110 assabet (armv4l). I set up the armlinux as the operation system for this arch. I am using SDL1.1.3 and smpeg 0.4.0 to set up the libs and plaympeg.c to set up the player.
Here comes the problem with the audio porting out on ARM. The video stream can be ported out successfully. The output sound is played continually like this ** *** * **. I am studying this for a long time, unfortunately I haven’t got the happy result.
I hereby have some conclusion about this structure and I would like you all to give me some sound advice. thank you.
1. I can porting the audio and video on i386 arch very well. But, after cross compiling to the armv4l arch. Things didn’t goes as I thought. Therefore, I don’t think it’s the problem about the algorism of the source programs.
2. I am using the arm-linux-gcc 2.96 to cross-compile the program. I don’t exactly know the options I should use to do this. I used the -mstructure-size-boundary=8, although I don’t know it’s meaning. It’s because I know it’s useful. If it’s the problem of the cross-compiling, what compiler should I use and what options should I use?
3. I think that the zImage(kernel) is another reason for this problem. Maybe there are some options to support the mpeg playing and maybe there are some options to support the audio driver file which I don’t pay attention to.
4. I don’t exactly know the audio driver file in armlinux, which is vatal for my mpeg-player. Are they /dev/audio and /dev/dsp. It’s another problem in my mind. Who sir can help me to know them and how to make my application to port stream to them successfully.
That’s all my problems, I hope your helpings. thank you. please hurry to contact me, if you have some sound advices to me.
Yours Sincerely

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  I`ve created an application with animation field being redrawing
  with timer signals. Besides, I have a background SDL_sound mp3
  When the music is playing, I can here little pauses, I think,
  caused by animation redrawing.
  How can I make music smoother? By creating a thread for the
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  Can anybody provide me a simple example for SDL_sound?

  Thank you very much in advance!

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