I know SDL_SoftStretch is an unsupported function (in 1.2.8 as far as I
Because I need such a function and it worked perfectly for me, I used it
for a
long time. But know I found an error, so perhaps someone could fix it
(or perhaps
it is fixed in 1.2.9 ?) or can show me another working function I could
use for scaling.

The functions failes, when src.w and dst.w is both 80. I didn’t tracked
it further, may be
happen with other width when they are equal. But I watched into the
SDL-Source and
found some lines like

inc = (src_w << 16) / dst_w;

which will inc give the value 0x10000. I’m not able to debug SDL further
because of time
and knowledge, but the value 0x10000 is used in the scaling-function a
few times and it
may be the reason for breaking. Perhaps someone could take a look at it…

Thomas Omilian