SDL sound input under Win32

Here is some SDL-like code for SDL sound input under Win32(Also compiles
and runs unmodified under CE.) Uses the same functionality as
SDL_(something)Audio(), except it’s SDL_(something)AudioIn().
LockAudioIn/UnlockAudioIn currently don’t exist. Uses WaveIn, not
DirectX, sorry. Code’s totally free, do whatever you want with
it(though I would appreciate you sending me any improvements you make on
the code :slight_smile:

Standard disclaimer - As far as I can tell, it works. But for all I
know it could end the world if you use it.

Releasing this because:
a) I want SDL to support audio input, and me writing code for that’s
more useful than me whining
b) It took me days to find good enough example code to use WaveIn, so
this might be useful to other people who want to use it
c) When other people use it they’ll be essentially testing it for me,
muahahaha :wink:
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