SDL Standardized Controller and Curser order system?


I’m the community manager for the RetroDECK project a Emulation Flatpak application for the Steam Deck and Linux Desktop.

I’m not the most technical representative of our project and I feel way out of league in this forum.
This is more of a question but I figured it was better to ask and then to sit in silence:

Is there any plans for a standardized global controller and cursor order system that can be handled with SDL with API calls?

“Kernel, please make X controller player 1”
“Kernel, please make X cursor player 2”
“Kernel, please make X controller player 3”

Right now as I understand it each project have to make their own solution for this. We in RetroDECK project have using Steam Input for this, but could this not be handled in on a easier global level?

The Batocera project have done what they call a “bandage” to fix a bigger problem. But they would also liked to see a bigger solution for this. As we handle many different applications into our flatpak and their os.

The use-case is simple the player input order is respected globally.
The cursor ordering is also to respect those input devices like: WiiMotes, Lightguns etc…

I don’t know if this is withing the scope of SDL.

I’m sorry if I could not articulate the question better, but I hope you get it thanks :slight_smile: