SDL support for font Overlay for TV out


I have a PCI capture card, that has multiple video capture.
I display all the video in my Linux Host monitor with SDL overlay support.

It also has a font-OSD enabled TV out function.
ie, we see the video capture directly on the TV, mixed with a font OSD
Overlay(in h/w).
Both the buffers are given to the application, with MMAP function.
If I clear out the font OSD, I can see clear video, in TV.

My aim is to give a font layer for this OSD memory so that,
some video information can be displayed Upon the video.
The size of my OSD buffer overlay is (704 * 480) / 4.
This is for the TV out (Video Out Overlay)buffer of the capture card,
not for displaying on the computer monitor.
Is it possible to give such a font support (or some overlay method)
with SDL, for the Overlay buffer so that I can see fonts Above the Video in
Is there any sample apps available for font support for TVout buffer (Yuv).
If Not what is the solution that I can proceed.

Looking for your kind suggestions,
Thanks’n Regards,