SDL Support in GridSlammer SDK

Hello SDL list members,

I have successfully added SDL as a rendering target for my
GridSlammer SDK. I have package up the new code (along
with some other enhancements) into a new 0.2 alpha release.
I have not been able to upload it to the web
site because sucks rocks through a garden hose.
You can, however, download it from the mirror site at

This version has several major improvements, including:

  • SDL as a rendering target
  • An improved rendering algorithm that reduces the number
    of blits needed to render a frame
  • A simplified API

The API changes are not yet reflected on the web page, but
basically the nSide and nSize parameters were removed from
any method that had them (a side effect of the improved
rendering algorithm).

Kick the tires. Take 'er for a spin. Tell me where it
crashed and how many innocent bystanders it took with it. :slight_smile:
Many thanks to all you dedicated SDL developers. SDL really
is a joy to work with.