SDL support MiniGUI?

MiniGUI is a good embeded GUI. It can be used on FrameBuffer. And SDL
can be used on FrameBuffer, too. So, I think, it is possible that let SDL
work with MiniGUI.

But in window mode, SDL needs a window manager in the GUI, and MiniGUI

hasn’t window manager(there isn’t window manager in any embeded GUI, isn’t
it?) So, if we want SDL work with MiniGUI in window mode, we have to modify
MiniGUI. This is a hard work.

Another method, I think, if SDL can be limit in a area, not fullscreen,

another word,if we display video in a area, and let MiniGUI works in the
other department in the screen,

this is possible. For examle, the media player used sdl is a process, and
the GUI used MiniGUI is another process, in the player’s area, the player
play an H.264 media, and in the other department in the screen the GUI used
MiniGUI has GUI elements such as buttons, edit boxes, and so on.

If we can do so, SDL program will work well with any embeded GUI program

based-on FrameBuffer.

 This is wonderful? But how to do?