SDL Surface Problem, need help

hi all:
I am developing a DVR surveillance system under the linux system . to display the YUY2 data
i need to create 4 YUY2 Surface (each one is 352288) in the system memory ,and a Overlay(704576) on the video memory. then blit the 4 YUY2 surface to the YUY2 overlay(use 4 thread). and display the overlay.
the problom is ,SDL can create the overlay i wanted ,but has no function to create YUV surface .
any one has suggestion what lib shoud i use solve this ?

i also tried the sdlyuvaddon ,to create 4 YV12 surface ,and blit ,by use this way, it can work on 640480 ,but in 800600, it’s come out a error, in SDL_BlitOverlay…---------------------------------