Oh, …
I really forgot about that. :wink:

I didnt care very much when i made that code fragement available!
I have already optimized the function (little faster) and will release the
new one under LGPL when i think its ready to be set free.
(This or next week).

I will announce that on the list.
Till now there are no plans to integrate that into SDL (btw. you are the
first one who contacted me about the function!)

Alexander Pipelka
pipelka at

BMS Austria
Stuckgasse 7/1

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From: (Francis Irving)
To: <@Alexander_Pipelka>
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 11:42 AM
Subject: SDL_SurfaceStretch


I’ve found your excellent SDL_SurfaceStretch code on the SDL Mailing List,
and would like to use it in a port of a commercial game.

Unfortunately, it is under the GPL license rather than the LGPL (Library
General Public License) license. This means that we cannot use it, and
it cannot be integrated into SDL which uses LGPL.

Can you help me out by:

  • releasing a new version under the LGPL
  • letting me know if there are any plans to integrate it into SDL?

I’ve also noticed that there is a sprite scaling function in SGE, one of
libraries pointed to from the SDL page. This doesn’t seem as precise and
low level as your version, however.

Thanks for any help,


Francis Irving, Programmer
Creature Labs