SDL talk for Linux User's Group, Part II

Last night I did the second part of a talk on programming with SDL
at the Linux Users Group I started, LUGOD.

You can see both parts at:

Part I has the following demo programs:

Drawing rectanlges using SDL_FillRect()
Tiling a window with a bitmap
Playing a MOD and a WAV with the Mixer library
Extremely simple event polling example

And Part II has:

Playing 10 seconds of an audio CD, starting at 0m:15s of track 1
Setting a timer using SDL_SetTimer()
A balls-and-pegs “game” showing bitmaps, transparency, sounds and events
(and very, very bad physics :slight_smile: )
An extremely simple MPEG player

Note: These were both whipped up relatively quickly. Most of it is an
extremely scaled-down version of the Introduction documentation on the SDL
site. However, they might be useful to some folks here, so I thought I’d
post the URL.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: