SDL_Thread kills app using uclibc, but with glibc works fine


I’ve got a little problem with SDL Threads when using uclibc.
I’m creating an application that listens to sockets and creates a thread
when a client connects to it, it should be multiplatform so i’m using
SDL for threading and some other things, and one of the ports will go to
an embedded computer, a MicroClient Jr. from Norhtec.

The problem is that the application works perfectly when using glibc on
some computers, but when using an environment with uclibc (on the
microclient and on an chroot inside a Gentoo Linux distro) the
application is killed.

In the MicroClient the app hangs without any message, and inside the
chroot the app exits with a “Killed” message. And it happens in the
moment when SDL_CreateThread is being called.

Anyone can help me with this?
Thanks :slight_smile: