SDL_ttf Bugs?

I’ve noticed two problems with SDL_ttf. One is probably related to the
font I’m using, the other, may be a misunderstanding.

First of all, when I call TTF_RenderText_Solid(…), the Surface
returned seems to be clipped incorrectly. The best way to show that is
with the code I’ve attached. The “Inkburro.ttf” font displays the
number “4” incorrectly. I’m assuming that this is because there is
something wrong with the font, because when I use “comic.ttf” (MS Font)
it displays Fine. Could someone try the code and verify for me? The
code is attached and the fonts can be downloaded at and (I
don’t think I’m supposed to distribute comic.ttf, so if someone asks,
you didn’t get it from me [:)] )

The second problem (also shown in the attached code) is that when I
render Bold text, it is always black, with the color passed to
TTF_RenderText_Solid(…), as an outline. Am I doing something wrong or
is this a problem with SDL_ttf?

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