SDL_ttf Segfaulting on small pt sizes

Hey all,
I don’t know if anyone has asked about this before, but I couldn’t find
a reference to this question in the last 6 months of archives. If it’s
a duplicate I’m sorry.

I'm having a problem with SDL_ttf segfaulting on exit if certian fonts

have been rendered during the programs execution at a point size of 8 or
smaller. Right now I can only find one font that this affects, and the
timing of the crash changes depending on the pt size. 9pt runs fine, 8pt
displays the text and crashes&freezes on exit & 7 pt crashes as soon as
the text is rendered and exits normally.

It's been a pain even tracking it to this, so help would be appreciated

if anyone has ideas.

Oh, and it might be important to point out that this can even be

reproduced with showfont.


End of Rant.