SDL ttf

i experiment trouble building SDL_ttf on w2000
i must admit than, when building freetype 2.03, make install fail.

could anyone who successfuly build freetype && SDL_ttf on windows
tell me its procdure ?

i have w2000, cygwin, mingw.
i tryied to build freetype 2.0.3 like this (with cygwin’s bash
in directory, i use bash as DOS line command faile,
make failed like this:
C:\temp\build\freetype-2.0.3>make setup
ver: not found
buildsnewline not found
make: *** [dos_setup] Error 127)
bash $ make setup CFG="–target=i386-pc-mingw32"
bash $ make
bash $ make install # failed (mess with install dirs)

after i tryied to build SDL_ttf
bash $ configure --target=i386-pc-mingw32

configure: error:
*** Unable to find FreeType2 library (

(of course as it is not installed)
i look for “.h” in dir, there is a lot of .h in a lot of
directory, worst, there is .h in builds<machine directory>
i don’t know what i can do, any idea ?