SDL under WinCE for ARM

Hi !

i downloaded the patch to compil the SDL lib for the pocket PC.
I did not manage to get it right compiled.

i use eVC 3.0.

Is there someone who succeed in compiling this lib for ARM processor ?
I would be interested in the precompiled and compiled library.

I have some linked errors. I correct some of them by adding some
preprocesors command.
Too bad that the patch seems not to have all theese commands yet done.

Anyway Good work for the guy who made this patch.( just not enough info
on how to compil for newbee like me ;p )

What about the WIP in porting SDL to winCE ? Does it still in progress ?
Is there some project to port SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer ?

Seems too bad that developers are not interested too much in using SDL
on PocketPC.
i found very few post about it.

thank you