SDL: wayland: Remove the registry from the window properties

From 4417250d0dd02f25302c61e87aebf8d9d45e55be Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Frank Praznik <[EMAIL REDACTED]>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2024 14:40:08 -0500
Subject: [PATCH] wayland: Remove the registry from the window properties

A Wayland registry object can only have one listener attached at a time, so an application attempting to use the backend SDL registry object for its own purposes will just result in an error. Remove this property, as it is of no use to applications and will only result in errors.

If an application needs the registry, it needs to get the wl_display object via `SDL.window.wayland.display` and use wl_display_get_registry() to create a new registry object that it can attach its own listeners to.
 include/SDL3/SDL_video.h              | 3 ---
 src/video/wayland/SDL_waylandwindow.c | 1 -
 2 files changed, 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/include/SDL3/SDL_video.h b/include/SDL3/SDL_video.h
index 6c40bc13b372..0eefdec6d953 100644
--- a/include/SDL3/SDL_video.h
+++ b/include/SDL3/SDL_video.h
@@ -1033,8 +1033,6 @@ extern DECLSPEC SDL_Window *SDLCALL SDL_GetWindowParent(SDL_Window *window);
  * show/hide calls. They will be null if the window is hidden and must be
  * queried each time it is shown.
- *   associated with the window
  * - `SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_DISPLAY_POINTER`: the wl_display associated
  *   with the window
  * - `SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_SURFACE_POINTER`: the wl_surface associated
@@ -1086,7 +1084,6 @@ extern DECLSPEC SDL_PropertiesID SDLCALL SDL_GetWindowProperties(SDL_Window *win
 #define SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WIN32_HWND_POINTER              "SDL.window.win32.hwnd"
 #define SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WIN32_HDC_POINTER               "SDL.window.win32.hdc"
 #define SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WIN32_INSTANCE_POINTER          "SDL.window.win32.instance"
-#define SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_REGISTRY_POINTER        "SDL.window.wayland.registry"
 #define SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_DISPLAY_POINTER         "SDL.window.wayland.display"
 #define SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_SURFACE_POINTER         "SDL.window.wayland.surface"
 #define SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_EGL_WINDOW_POINTER      "SDL.window.wayland.egl_window"
diff --git a/src/video/wayland/SDL_waylandwindow.c b/src/video/wayland/SDL_waylandwindow.c
index b14701c91a79..92ceb3ec1e83 100644
--- a/src/video/wayland/SDL_waylandwindow.c
+++ b/src/video/wayland/SDL_waylandwindow.c
@@ -2154,7 +2154,6 @@ int Wayland_CreateWindow(SDL_VideoDevice *_this, SDL_Window *window, SDL_Propert
     } /* All other cases will be WAYLAND_SURFACE_UNKNOWN */
     SDL_PropertiesID props = SDL_GetWindowProperties(window);
     SDL_SetProperty(props, SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_DISPLAY_POINTER, data->waylandData->display);
     SDL_SetProperty(props, SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_SURFACE_POINTER, data->surface);
     SDL_SetProperty(props, SDL_PROPERTY_WINDOW_WAYLAND_EGL_WINDOW_POINTER, data->egl_window);