SDL website updated!

Announcing the new SDL website!

Ga?tan de Menten has written a brand new back end for the SDL website,
using PHP and PostgreSQL, allowing it to be easily updated and modified.

You can now create an account on the SDL website, add a link your own
project and update that entry at any time. If you maintain any project
already listed on the website, you are encouraged to update the entry.

Here’s how to update your SDL project entry:
Step 1. Create an account on the SDL website from the sidebar menu.
Step 2. Log in
Step 3. Go to the category page for your project (game, library, etc.)
Step 4. Scroll down to your project and click the “maintain project” link
Step 5. Click on the “edit” link and make sure you update all the fields.

Thanks to everybody for their great suggestions and feedback!

-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment_______________________________________________
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