SDL window moving problem

My problem occur during movement of Window during process.
In other words when i press the “Top edge of Window” the proces pauses? or stops?
cause in code i got something like this

note// start/end = Uint32

start = SDL_GetTicks();

The program

ProgramLoopTime = SDL_GetTicks() - start;

and at end of program i print the ProgramLoopTime its always constant to difference of 0.0001 or 0.001sec.
but if i select Window “Top Edge” to move the Window the proces stops? it dosent execute, The screen does not update so i think the loop pauses? or stops until we release “Top Edge” of the window, then the screen blitting is resumed but my problem starts here:
lets say my start is 0.100 sec, and ProgramLoopTime = 0.200 sec after calculation.
if i press the “Top Edge of Window” how long i hold that much my value is increased.
i tried to hold it approximately 60 sec"i used stopwatch" and the ProgramLoopTime was around 60.200 sec

So my question is this:
Is there ani SDL_Event that recognise that action?
cause what i need basicly is

If the "Top Edge of screen is pressed / the Window Relocation thingy"
Pause = SDL_GetTicks();
and when we release the "Top edge / the Window Relocation thingy"
TheTime = SDL_GetTicks() - Pause;
and then at end of loop i can do something like

ProgramLoopTime = SDL_GetTicks() - start - TheTime;
TheTime = 0;