SDL Window Transparent And Unable To Be Tabbed Into

Sorry for making so many posts but, like the title says the window is transparent and shows the window behind it and it’s not able to be tabbed into. I’ve found the exact line(s) that are causing the problem. This arose after implementing my “interesting” animation system. There are three animation slots which are all different vectors and I didn’t know if you could combine vectors to make an array so I decided to make them all different variables. There are three bools titled animationOnePlaying, animationTwoPlaying, and animationThreePlaying. There are three if statements that checks if those variables are true or not. If they are it works by destroying the frame before it then putting on the new one over and over again until the animation is done.

This is the function where the animation system is: void refreshScreen(){ bool framePlayed = false; SDL_RenderClear(renderer -
And for the truly brave, here’s the full file: // Compile with: g++ main.cpp -lSDL2 -lSDL2_image -lSDL2_ttf -o "Five Nights At -

You’re passing -1 as the last argument to playAnimation which means animationOneLoops is set to -1. Later, in refreshScreen, it gets stuck in the loop because it just keeps decrementing animationOneLoops so that it gets more and more negative but the loop condition animationOneLoops != 0 is never false.

I thought that would just make the animation loop infinitely.