SDL windowhack and GtkEventBox

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to display several different videos in one window with gtk and SDL.
My gtk-application launches instances of mp4player (mpeg4-player from mpeg4ip),
which uses SDL to draw the frames. I use GtkEventBoxes to get XWINDOW-IDs, which
I write to the environment variable SDL_WINDOWID before launching each player
(the well-known windowhack).

It works in principle but there is one annoying thing: The videos are all drawn
to the top level window, unless their GtkEventBox is resized. I thought it could
be the fault of gtk, but when I resize the GtkEventBox before the video begins
to play, the videos are still drawn to the top level window.

I could somehow determine when the videos start to play and resize their widgets
afterwards, but that’s not really nice.

I couldn’t find anything in the web related to this problem. Would be great if
someone could give me a hint where the problem could lie. I think I overlooked

Thanks for your efforts!

Kind regards,