Sdl with opengl freeze in win98


i have a little problem… every app that calls sdl_gl_swapbuffers()
freezes. i don’t think i’m doing anything wrong with the init stuff becouse
the app works fine for a second or two (during that short period i can even
exit with a esc), after that the screen goes black and i can only move the
mouse around.
i init sdl with sdl_opengl and sdl_fullscreen flags…

i’m running win98 on amd k6-2 333 / 64 mb / i740

please help me i don’t know what to do!
(i’ve sent a small sdl app to a friend so he would see if it hangs his comp
to, but he hasn’t replied yet… i’m posting with hope that i’m doing some
common err’s and there’s a simple solution)