SDL with QT(Embedding the SDL surface on a QT Widget- MAC OS)?

Hi all,
I am making a video application using QT which involves SDL
for the rendering job.
This application has to be built for MAC .
I am quite well versed with QT now but a beginner in SDL.
The problem i am facing is
embedding the rendered video into the QT widget so that SDL doesnt
create a separate window . I tried a lot of things but none
so far seem to work on
MAC. I read
about the environment variable SDL_WINDOWID (=widget.winID())
but it didnt seem to
work at all! I also read about the COCOA environment variables
NSWindowPointer etc.
but havent really found any reliable documentation and
whether or not i should use
it(and havent been able to figure out whether my QT app uses
and how to change that). I also read that
setting environment variables is not a
way of doing this and its more of a hack. So I am kind of clueless as to
why there
a proper way of handling such a trivial thing(its rendering in
the windowless mode
all!) in a famous framework like SDL.
One of the motives of choosing SDL was its
cross platform ability but now i wonder
it was a good choice at all. Quicktime on MAC ?
Any help/suggestions would really be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,