SDL_WM_IconifyWindow available on Qtopia/Zaurus?


SDL_WM_IconifyWindow seems not to be available on Qtopia/Zaurus version of
the SDL. Do you think its possible to add this functionality to this version?

I think a call to SDL_WM_IconifyWindow should close/minimize the SDL output
window and show a Icon in the Qtopia taskbar. Do you think thats the right
way to implement SDL_WM_IconifyWindow. Is someone working on this issue? Maybe
I can try to implement this, but someone with more knowledge of the Qtopia
sdl version might do it faster :wink:

Btw. I think a working SDL_WM_IconifyWindow can solve my “Two program
switching” problem between the Emulator and the Emulator prefrences gui i
mentioned earlier on this list.


Bernd Lachner–

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